Accessibility Statement

This statement was last updated on 01-29-2024.

At A + B INTERIOR, S.L., we are working to make our site accessible for people with disabilities.


What is web accessibility

An accessible site allows visitors with disabilities to navigate the site with the same ease and enjoyment as other visitors. This can be achieved with the capabilities of the system on which the site operates and through assistive technologies.


Accessibility settings on this site

We have adapted this site according to WCAG 2.0 guidelines and made it accessible to the AAA level. The content on this site has been adapted to work with assistive technologies, such as screen readers and keyboard use.


    • Used Accessibility Assistant to find and fix potential accessibility issues
    • Configured the site language
    • Established the order of the content of the site pages
    • Defined clear header structures on all site pages
    • Added alt text to images
    • Implemented color combinations that meet the required color contrast.
    • Reduced use of movement on site
    • Guaranteed that all videos, audios and files on the site are accessible


Requests, problems and suggestions

If you notice an accessibility issue on the site or need further assistance, you can contact us through the organization’s accessibility coordinator:


  • Francisco Javier Alemañ
  • 96 540 10 8
  • info@ab51
  • Ctra. Nal-340 Km.704.8 P.O. Box 29 - 03330 CREVILLENT (ALICANTE) SPAIN
  • Teléfono (+34) 96 540 14 03
  • email:

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