Our production focuses mainly on products with natural fibers such as wool, or wool in combination with other commonly used fibers such as tencel, abaca, sisal, polyester, nylon.

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Our company

A+B Interior S.L., is a company that emerged as a continuation of the company SULTAN, S.A., founded by Mr. Salvador Lledó Lledó in 1951. It is currently directed by Mr. Salvador Lledó Más.

At the end of the 60s we entered the international market and currently most of our production is destined for export, exhibiting our products at world-renowned fairs such as Domotex (Hannover), Index (Dubai), Mebel and Mosbuild (Moscow) for years. In the 70s we consolidated ourselves among the reference firms in the Spanish market in the supply of rugs and carpets for large surfaces, hotel projects, living rooms, carpeting for railways and installations of all kinds.

Currently, our production (Wilton fabric with electronic jacquard) is focused on high quality rugs and carpets mainly in wool, although we also use other natural products such as sisal, abaca, or a mixture of some of them such as wool-sisal, wool-jute. or cotton-jute among others.

Investment in design and trends has also been one of our strengths since we have our own design team in charge of keeping ideas fresh and current.

Las Alfombras de A+B

Our team

Salvador Lledó

Manager and founder

Carolina Lledó

Marketing and digital photography

Samuel Lledó

Export pepartment

We work to make your dreams...

We do it for you with passion.



Located in Crevillente, a municipality integrated into the province of Alicante and the first national center for manufacturing carpets and mechanical carpets. From a historical point of view, our experience in the carpet sector dates back to the 1920s when the first Lledó generations became involved in it.

  • Ctra. Nal-340 Km.704.8 P.O. Box 29 - 03330 CREVILLENT (ALICANTE) SPAIN
  • Teléfono (+34) 96 540 14 03
  • email:

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